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How we carpet clean

We offer two different carpet cleaning techniques. Our “surface” cleaner is best used as a maintenance clean or for carpets that are already in good condition but could benefit from a light cleaning.  Our “deep” cleaner, on the other hand, cleans your carpet completely from the top to the bottom. We strongly suggest using the deep cleaner over the surface cleaner for a number of reasons. First, the deep cleaning machine is strong and efficient. This power removes all the dirt and debris from your carpets and can often it can completely remove stains with no extra effort or money.  Furthermore, the dry time for our deep clean is half the time of the “surface” clean.  You will be back enjoying your carpets in no time.

 Why you should use us for carpet cleaning

When we were getting into the carpet cleaning business, my wife and I had our carpets serviced by 5 different carpet cleaning companies ranging from the large firms to the small agencies. Unfortunately, we noticed that many corners were being cut when it came to their technique. There’s nothing more annoying than paying good money for a job that gets done poorly or goes unfinished. At Top 2 Bottom Services we don’t cut corners.  We take our time and make sure to cover every inch of your room.  We are careful so as to avoid scuffing your walls or knocking over anything of value because we know some things are just not replaceable.  Top 2 Bottom is the company to call for professional, caring and thorough carpet cleaning.

 Our guarantee to you

When you hire us to clean your carpets, we guarantee to come prepared to do the job the right way, without cutting corners.  We will get to your job in a timely manner, be thoughtful of your needs and careful of your possessions so that you can enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets.

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