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Why We Clean Gutters

  • Clean gutters allow the water to flow and not overflow or stand (puddle).
  • Overflowing gutters cause damage like dry rot to your home and can erode your landscaping.
  • When the weather starts to freeze, standing water or debris build-up in your gutters can also freeze causing them to become very heavy and potentially come loose or fall from your roof.
  • Installing downspout guards or a downspout filter can save you from an expensive drainage cleaning bill. We Install both downspout guards and filters, ask for more details. We do not install gutter guards.

Detail clean up after gutter cleaning in bellevue and kirkland wa.

 Why you should use us for your gutter cleaning

At Top 2 Bottom we place as high a priority on being courteous as we do on being safe. Prior to starting the job, we will complete a walk around your home, making sure all windows and doors are closed.  Additionally, anything around your home that you would like to protect and keep free of debris will be moved or covered. After cleaning the gutters, our focus turns to restoring your yard to it’s prior condition. We perform a thorough and detail-oriented clean-up.  It is clear that Top 2 Bottom is the right choice for your gutter cleaning needs

Our guarantee to you

We guarantee that after cleaning your gutters the rain will flow freely.  Our professional team clears clogs, repairs small leaks, reattaches gutters and downspouts where necessary and installs downspout guards and filters when needed.

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