Junk Removal
from Top 2 Bottom Services

How we do junk removal

Top 2 Bottom Services can help you to get rid of yard waste, garbage, junk and more!  Whether your pile of junk is small or large we have the right tools for the job.  We conveniently come right to your home using our pickup truck for the small stuff or our large dump truck for the big hauls.  Whatever your needs, it’s as simple as park, load and drive away.

 Why you should use us for your junk removal

No one like the look of excess junk just lying around, but we don’t always have the time or means to cart it away. That is where Top 2 Bottom steps in.  We have the manpower and vehicles for every kind of job.  Your cost is determined by the amount of space the junk or debris utilizes in the truck. Period. There are no extra dump or travel fees.  Additionally, anything deemed reusable or recyclable will be taken to the nearest reusable location, again at no extra charge to you.  Top 2 Bottom Services is the one to call if you need to rid your life of garbage, yard materials or other debris.

 Our guarantee to you

We guarantee that we will arrive ready to load the junk or debris in a timely manner and when everything is loaded we will make sure to clean the area before leaving.

Call today for all your junk removal needs 425.802.6574