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What is a Pressure Washer or Power Washing?

pressure washer can also be known as a power washer. This refers to a high-pressure spraying machine used on all types of services to remove mold, grime, dust, mud etc. Pressure washing can be an effective way to remove unwanted grime and brighten your existing surface. Not all jobs require the same technique, however.  There are several different pressures, nozzles and chemicals to choose from when preparing to tackle to job at hand.  From soft washing your house to removing graffiti and gum from commercial properties, professional pressure washing from Top 2 Bottom is the right choice.

Why Use Top 2 Bottom Services For All Your Bellevue and Kirkland Pressure Washing Needs?


Full Range of Services:

Eastside cities like Kirkland and Bellevue are surrounded by the beauty of the Northwest.  With that, however, comes lots of debris from trees, mold and mildew from moisture, and algae.  When considering a Kirkland Pressure Washer or Pressure Washing in Bellevue choose Top 2 Bottom Services first. We are an all-inclusive cleaning service and understand that your home or business is an investment. That is why we provide the right service to help you maintain its value. A professional pressure wash can protect from situations such as tree debris and pollen that can accumulate on rooftops causing shingles to wear faster than normal, moss growth, and the black algae on sidewalks caused by mildew and mold which create slippery and unsafe surfaces. Left unattended, these nuisances will eventually erode and break down your home. Fortunately, Top 2 Bottom can help by providing the proper pressure washing services to you.

We are a Green Pressure Washing Company:

There are many pressure washing companies, but not all can say they are a Green Pressure Washing Company. We deeply care about your home as well as our environment.  Top 2 Bottom Services has the ability to pressure wash your surfaces without using your water and without a single drop going down the storm drains and into our wet lands, streams and lakes. As a family-operated company based out of Kirkland, WA, we live where you live and intimately understand the fact that we all share the beautiful northwest outdoors and we want to keep them that way for generations. Our commitment to creating a clean and happy space for your family, without hurting the surrounding places we like to visit, sets Top 2 Bottom apart from other Bellevue and Kirkland pressure washing companies.

Expert Technicians:

Don’t use harsh chemicals or unskilled laborers.  Call in the professionals from Top 2 Bottom Cleaning Services. We specialize in pressure washing the eco-friendly way. We will make sure all local and national water codes are followed so you won’t need to worry about anything but getting your place clean!  Furthermore, we know the right technique to use for every situation. While cleaning your surfaces we can use either cold water or hot water up to 250 degrees f. The hot water allows us to better remove grease, oils and hard stains.  We are trained in the proper removal of spray paint from any type of surface such as wood, masonry or metal.  Soft washing is our process of control spraying your roof and siding with a cleaning agent and then rinsing off the algae, moss, dust, dirt etc. leaving your house look sparkling clean, almost like a fresh coat of paint.

Quality Work:

Not all power washing companies in Bellevue are the same. Some provide low-quality service by not getting the edges, missing spots, using improper pressure, or a number of other oversights. Each one could cause poor sight lines or broken materials. Too much pressure and you’ll find broken wood or concrete. Too little and you’ll leave behind the roots of the moss and it will come back easily. At Top 2 Bottom Services, we provide high-quality work and an eye for detail.  You’ll see the difference after just one wash, guaranteed!

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