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How we treat moss?

We found the most cost effective way to clean moss off your roof is to use a product that does the hard work for you. We start by blowing all the debris off your roof with a backpack blower. We then apply a product that allows the moss to release from the roof and start deteriorating.  This process takes between three to four weeks. At the end of that period, the moss will have completely died and will naturally start falling off your roof. If desired we can always come back and blow the remaining moss off your roof for a finished looking roof.

Moss Treatment Before and After

Why you should use us for your moss treatment?

Whenever doing work on a roof, our goal is to be as safe as possible and to do as little damage to your roof so that it will last as long as it can. Many other companies will suggest pressure washing or using a high powered air blower.  Both of these options can cause serious damage to your roof and, in turn, make you loose the warranty or take years off the life your roof. In the state of Washington we will always be fighting the growth of moss and our process is by far the most cost effective way of keeping it under control.

Our guarantee to you

We are a moss treatment company not a moss removal company. We believe that by treating the moss two times a year (Spring, Fall) for a low cost, you’ll save by extending the life of your current roof. We guarantee that if done at the correct time of the year and with the correct amount of product, the moss will die and fall off naturally and with no damage to your roof.

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