Power Wash your cement and pressure wash your driveway in Bellevue or Kirkland

It’s summer time and that means warm weather, swimming and…  YIKES!  Is your cement or pool dirty?  Don’t entertain your guests on dirty cement.  Let us clean that for you.  We’ll show up with a smile and we won’t leave until you have one too! Pool season is HERE! Power washing your pool deck can make it look new again! (425) 802-6574

Power Wash your driveway

Pressure wash your cement

If you have an old wood deck that needs to be spruced up we know just the trick.  If you have an old driveway with moss and algae on it then call us so we can clean it for you.  We’ve been recognized ad the best cleaners in Bellevue for taking care of your home from the top to the very bottom.  We’re your one-stop-shop when it comes to cleaning.

We can pressure wash almost anything around your home and on your property.  We also clean windows, carpets, gutters, and more!

Pressure Wash your Driveway

When you drive home every day do you ever think it would be nice to get all that black algae off your driveway?  Or is is something you’ve become used to?  Don’t settle!  That black is airborne algae that needs to be removed.  It can be slippery and it does not add to the value of your home.  We can power wash that right off and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t clean your concrete or cement years earlier.  You’ll have a smile and we’ll know our job there is done and done right.

Bellevue Power Washing Company

We serve Bellevue and Kirkland because this is where we live.  We have families and love the weather, but rain comes with the beautiful landscape and with rain comes algae, moss and lichen.  You home needs to be clean from this to look it’s best.  This is where we come in.  We can take care of your old decks, rails, outdoor furniture, fences, concrete, siding, etc.  If you’re looking for a Spring clean up or one last good cleaning before winter sets in we are the cleaning company to call. (425) 802-6574


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