Professional Tips from a Kirkland Window Cleaning Company

We here at Top 2 Bottom Services, are often asked about tips on getting a good result when doing-it-yourself. “What’s the secret to getting the windows looking so clean?” our clients commonly ask. Well, when it comes to Kirkland Window Washing – we know what we’re doing!

Kirkland Window Cleaning Like a Pro

Kirkland Window Cleaning Company

Kirkland Window Washing Company

Assuming you have at least the basic tools, I’ll now describe how to actually use them.

  1. Fill the bucket half way with cold water. Hot water evaporates too quickly. Put 3-4 squirts of detergent in the water or directly onto the wet mop.
  2. Rub the wet mop onto the window. Give it a good rub making sure all the dirt is starting to get lifted. Now’s the time to scrape any really stuck marks with the scrapper. Just remember, make sure to only pass the scraper blade in the forward direction or you may cause scratches across the glass when dragging debris.
  3. Now get the squeegee ready. Hold squeegee handle in your right hand with your thumb half way between the top and side. That way, when you place the squeegee on the glass, it’ll be at the correct angle.
    When the handle is touching the glass it’s at 0 degrees, and the angle when lifting it off the glass is 90 degrees (rubber still on the glass). Maintain this angle for the next step.
    You’ll also need to have the right amount of pressure. Too light and you won’t collect all the water, too hard and it will be difficult to move. Keep a constant pressure the whole time.
  4. Now you are ready to clean the water off the glass with the squeegee. Start at the top left corner and snake down the window, going right to the edges, leaving no water marks along the way.
  5. It is nearly impossible to do a window without having to wipe the edges. That’s where the micro-fiber cloth comes in. This is great for getting rid of those water marks anywhere on the glass. Use it dry.
  6. Use the towel to wipe up any water spilt onto the window sill and the floor.
  7. If there are any other marks, such as little marks or grubby fingerprints that didn’t come off, give it a rub with a clean part of the cloth.
  8. Rinse… and repeat (pun intended).

So there you have the inside knowledge on how to get a perfect finish to your windows. It’s all in the tools and technique. Wishing you the best, Top 2 Bottom Services.  We regularly post tips and images about our clean windows on Instagram.  Contact our Kirkland Window Cleaning Company today at (425) 802-6574!